Colorado_WeedFlagSo you want to come to Colorado, tour some grow sites, check out some edibles, and be able to legally buy some of the dankest herb on planet earth.  All of that stuff is the easy part.  The hard part, is where you will go to consume it.

Hotels in Colorado are all non smoking by law, and smoking marijuana in public, at parks, or in your car are prohibited as well.  About the only place that it’s legal to consume marijuana under state law is on private property.  So, the only way that you are going to be able to fire up your recently purchased marijuana, is if you’re staying in 420 friendly lodging!

420 friendly lodging is a network of privately owned vacation housing that caters exclusively to the cannabis tourist.  Since our properties are privately owned, on site consumption is allowed and legal. Some of our properties have an on site host and operate similar to a bed and breakfast.  Others are more private and as a guest, you will essentially have the entire property to yourself during your stay.